Written by Melanie Gillman
Art by Katy Farina and Whitney Cogar
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: February 8, 2017

Steven, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot teach readers a few important lessons about animals and growing up in this first issue of Steven Universe!

Gillman’s writing is superb. I love how they are able to bring certain real life problems into perspective and aid the reader in understanding what to do in such situations. The whole issue revolving around an adorable bird is super cute and I feel the lessons learned for those who’ll read it is invaluable. I also just love how Gillman writes Peridot. So many of Peridot’s lines feel infinitely quotable.

Farina’s art pairs well with what fans are used to in the television series. She doesn’t stray away from the art style of the show that much and keeps a lighthearted tone throughout. I love the little easter eggs of Peridot’s obsession of Camp Pining Hearts as well as the good use of Crying Breakfast Friends. I think the best art from Farina comes from the faces Steven makes, from his “We’re breaking the law!!” face to his star-eyed “I’m a princess!” face.

However, Farina’s art would not feel as slice of life and easy going without the aid of Cogar’s coloring. The light to bright colors that fill the palette of the comic create a pleasant and calming atmosphere for the most part. Even gloomier scenes which scratch the surface of legitimate sorrows and empathy Steven feels have shades of palliative colors all around them. That’s great work.

I wouldn’t say there’s a specific scene that I love from this issue, more that I love the feelings brought from this comic. It balances comedy, responsibility, and true emotions quite well. There’s an easiness to the reading that feels relaxing. It’s an quick read and a comic that uses its pages to teach the reader a few things without coming across as preachy or boring. That’s a hard balance to attain and I commend the team working on this comic for it.

Steven Universe is a comic mostly for fans of the show or children. It doesn’t seem to be going in the direction of the darker themes seen in the series, but this is just the first issue, so who knows? If your looking for a comic for your kids or a kid you know, this is probably a good one to get.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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