Review: THE DEEP #5

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by James Brouwer and Wolfgang Byisma
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: May 17, 2017

The Nekton’s, studying a mysterious event that occurred to the island of Tartaruga, find more questions than answers as the plunge deeper into the strange phenomena of the ocean in this issue of The Deep!

Taylor has created an exciting tale about aquatic exploration, spelunking, and the ominous allusions to Atlantis by ancient civilizations. This latest arc delves more into lore than the first one, connecting Tartaruga possibly to the oldest map made in the world. The mystery of the island is indeed intriguing and I’m sure it will all connect to the overarching Atlantis plotline.

The Nekton family is fun and each member, from the children to the parents, is fun and distinct in their own unique ways. While I wish Fontaine were more than just a nagging voice to antagonize Ant at times, I’m sure she’ll find a more well rounded character arc as time goes one. I especially love the new addition to the crew tagging along with the family, Nereus. He definitely knows more than he lets on and I’m wondering when he will be completely honest with the Nekton family about the secrets of the deep that he keeps.

The art by Brouwer is fun and creative. I like his designs for the various aquatic gear that the family uses, and while the family symmetry on their costumes is a bit cheesy, it does at a nice touch of consistency and unity between the Nektons that makes them immediately more distinguishable than others.

I especially love every time Brouwer draws Jeffrey the fish. Jeffrey reminds me of a pug or a too fat for its own good cat—it’s a level of stupid and ugly looking that weirdly increases its cuteness levels. Always frowning and with ever-confused eyes, Jeffrey immediately adds a dash of humor whenever he pops up onto the scene and I enjoy that.

I find the lettering by Wolfgang Byisma to add to the comic. I like that he makes a distinction for dialogue through communicators. I like how he displays the location, especially with the added touch of the logo made by Skye Ogden. Their subtle touches, but they do add and make the work more polished.

Definitely check out The Deep. It’s a fun romp in the ocean with times of heightened tension. It’s overall a tale about explorers going where no others have gone before and a tale about finding Atlantis, and that combo is just all sorts of interesting.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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