Story by Stephan Nilson
Art by Ibrahim Moustafa
Release Date: September 19, 2012

While perusing the list of comics to read and potentially review, I stumbled across The Pound. It wasn’t really the cover that attracted me to it (though it is attractive and well laid out), it was the fact that this book is a Kickstarter success story. I like Kickstarter for comic books, and will happily throw my support behind them. In the case of The Pound, I wish I had known about the campaign before now.

I have not read the first volume of The Pound, so everything here is new to me. There were some moments early on where I felt like I was missing some elements of the story, but eventually I was overwhelmed by the characterization. Nilson has done an amazing job of writing the characters so that even I, as a first time reader, had no trouble understanding their motivations, and even more so, was able to care about them. The story is humorous without being overbearing, and features enough nods to a horror fan like me to catch a flutter in my geek-worn heart (Blacula makes an appearance).

Ibrahim Moustafa carries off the art duties very well. The characters look good, the monsters look even better, and the layouts are excellent. I was very impressed with the way the panels flowed, allowing me to take in each element of the story at the proper pace. Coupled with good use of perspective, the art really accentuates the story.

The Pound – Ghouls Night Out surprised me in how complete a comic book it is. Rarely have I read characters as engaging as these, and married with a well-paced art style, it makes for an amazing read. If they do another Kickstarter for future volumes of this title, then count me in.

Verdict: 8.0/10


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