Advance Review: THE SIXTH GUN #29

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Brian Hurtt
Release Date: February 20, 2013

MDEC121187Becky. Gets. Mad.

Three words that should make you run to your store and buy this issue right now. It is no secret that I’ve enjoyed this series in the past, but with the past arc and the new one that Bunn and Hurtt are building, they’ve somehow managed to take things up a notch.

Cullen Bunn doesn’t give these characters a moment’s peace or rest and it is starting to show in their respective psyches. The Guns’ toll on the group is growing by the hour and by the issue, and Bunn is doing an excellent job of increasing the tension within the group. Deals with the devil have been made, and none of these characters are getting out of this untouched. This issue went directions I never expected and I applaud Bunn for keeping long time readers on their toes. Bunn’s dialogue is sharp and biting at points, and his pacing and plotting is fantastic. This issue hits every beat it should and is another in a long line of solid comics. The last thing I’ll say about this issue’s script is in regards to the epilogue. Those couple pages should be studied as how to write a proper cliffhanger.

Brian Hurtt’s art is consistently solid throughout, and there are some great images throughout the book that really stuck with me. Becky’s “rampage” for lack of a better word is one of the best sequences of the week and Hurtt is doing an excellent job of making these characters look weary and worse for wear with each passing panel. Each arc takes a piece of these characters and Hurtt is doing a great job of making that readily visible in their faces and actions.

Props to colourist Bill Crabtree as well for his work on this issue. The visuals pop off the page and the dynamic world of The Sixth Gun is definitely enhanced by his work.

Issue #29 is a must read for any fans of this series. It contains moments that really are game-changers in the series and is crafted with care and attention to detail. Bunn & Hurtt are on fire right now, folks, so pick up this series and find out what all the TV deal hype has been about!

Verdict: 9.5/10


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