Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Jon Davis-Hunt and Steve Buccellato
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: March 15, 2017

“Angela Spica was an engineer on low-importance projects. Somebody tell me how she did…that.” The hunt for Angela Spica is on! As the clandestine powers of the world witness the power of a woman in a metal suit, all of them want to find her and figure out exactly what she is in this all-new issue of The Wild Storm!

I’ve been a fan of Ellis’ Authority for a while now, so seeing Angela Spica in a leading role like this made me extremely excited about the possibilities of other Wild Storm universe characters to come out of the woodworks. I loved the chaos in the espionage community Ellis laid out and I can’t wait to see who finds Angela first. I can’t wait to delve more into this world Ellis has created and see what will become of the Engineer.

Davis-Hunt populates the Wild Storm world with a variety of characters, some I remember from reading the Wild Storm universe of the past, some new to me. I love the diversity of characters he brings to the table, I appreciate that. I love the details Davis-Hunt places in the backgrounds as well. Work like the semi-abandoned, warehouse-apartment complex building with the pseudo metal-scraps made watchtower on top or the forties-style equipment in the Camp Hero secret science base are stunning.

Buccellato’s coloring works well with the comic. His work helps add a layer of grime to the Brooklyn covert action base. It adds a sheen of almost-too-clean to the high rise offices of the Skywatch investigative division. I find his subtle details in coloring the work create an overall better look to the comic.

This comic makes me excited about the possibilities. Angela Spica being the focus of this comic makes me wonder who else could pop back up into existence. Events in this comic, especially a particularly surprising one at the very end of this issue that looks to use an important means of transportation makes me excited to see what else is going to show up in this comic.

I love the old Wild Storm universe, and maybe I’m bias because of that, but I really do like the Wild Storm. I say start with the first issue, but definitely read the Wild Storm, especially if you are a fan of Wild Storm characters in general.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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