Written by Charles Soule
Art by Jefte Palo
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 18, 2013

TBOLTS2012015_DC11_LR_Page1The Thunderbolts prepare to execute Frank Castle’s mission, but will the Thanos invasion stand in their way?

Charles Soule takes this madcap crew into Manhattan to wipe out a crime family but what ensues is really the last thing you’d expect from a team of hardened killers like the current Thunderbolts. This issue is, for the most part, the craziest family RV trip into the City that you’ve ever seen, with Punisher driving and the rest of the kids whining. This issue is pretty much pure comedy, and though the tie to the Infinity event is very loose (though could be much stronger going forward) it isn’t an unwelcome surprise to see a lighter take on the event in a fringe title like Thunderbolts. This issue is primarily setup for the team being pulled into Infinity, but there are several laugh-out-loud moments to be had. Soule isn’t just biding time waiting for the final page as he gives readers an entertaining story that gets thrown on its side by the events of the invasion. While some of these characters still seem out of place on a team, Soule’s take on them as a unit is entertaining enough to cast that aside and enjoy the ride.

Jefte Palo’s heavily stylized artwork definitely showcases the lighthearted nature of this comic, though there are consistency issues throughout. His Deadpool is light and filled with energy, an invasion forces are unrecognizable as such. His work with Frank Castle is inconsistent, but his Elektra has a spark in her grin. The strong colour work from Guru eFX compensates and glosses over some of these inconsistencies and keeps the playfulness of the issue intact.

Thunderbolts #15 does a solid job of walking the line between maintaining series independence and tying into an event. Soule delivers a comedic tale getting primed for some explosive action. Art issues exist but don’t damn the book, but any readers coming simply for Infinity action may as well wait for issue #16.

Verdict: 7.0/10


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