Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6

Written by Brian M. Bendis
Art by Chris Samnee
Release Date: January 18, 2012

I don’t know how much more I can rave about this title, but issue after issue Ultimate Comics Spider-Man delivers. Issue #6 is no exception, and while I did miss Sara Pichelli, Chris Samnee does an excellent job standing in and delivering some high quality art.

Brian M. Bendis has been taking his time throwing Miles into the action, and it has really paid off. Miles is still an awkward Spider-Man, as he well should be, he’s still just a kid. Part of his charm is his awkwardness and naivety about what he’s getting himself into. There are some really nice moments between Miles and his mom in this issue that reminded me just how young Miles actually is and the gravity of a kid playing superhero in an adult world. Bendis is at his absolute best when writing Miles, the issue flows smoothly and the dialogue and script are fantastic. Miles’ life is getting more complicated, as it has to, and in this issue we also get to see some side tangents that have been alluded to in past issues. The plot is thickening, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. This is the most loveable hero published by Marvel right now, and arguably the best written series coming from the House of Ideas.

Chris Samnee steps in on art detail for issue #6 and fits like a glove. His style meshes with the title well as he manages to keep panels featuring Miles, his pal, and his mom light-hearted and can switch easily to dark and tense for the secondary storyline featuring the Prowler. His art comes across as if it is effortless, yet it is very precise and polished. His unique style fits the tone of Bendis’ script very well and he fills Pichelli’s shoes well, which is no easy feat.

Pros: Excellent blend of script and art – both Bendis and Samnee firing on all cylinders.

Cons: None come to mind – great comic.

Verdict: 10/10


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