Review: ULTIMATES #2


Written By Al Ewing
Art by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 9, 2015

Well, you can definitely call that a switcheroo.

Picking up from last time, Blue Marvel informs the world, and the readers, about the Ultimates’ role on Earth. Black Panther undergoes a psychic journey through time to help lead his team toward their goal, and true to form, the Ultimates accomplish what they set out to. The aftermath is truly a sight to behold as a familiar face undergoes a life-changing shift.

Ultimates #2 is heavy on the conflict resolution. Initially I asked myself why the Ultimates set out to conquer this rather Herculean task, though given their focus it makes sense. What I hope is that, even though this arc isn’t done, this series leads to our Ultimates undertaking some planetary-scale missions. This issue is setting up the series to be a big deal with massive ramifications.

Al Ewing writes some great dialogue through the issue. T’Challa, relatively the only non-powered hero on the team, asserts himself as a powerful and regal figure, and his interactions with other characters reflect his shining attributes. Carol, Adam, and Monica have a great exchange toward the climax of the issue, subtly diving into some of the nuances of each of their powers. Ewing’s writing is definitely a match for a team series and is one aspect that stands out in Ultimates.

The art in Ultimates #2 seriously blew me away. I loved every panel of the Ultimates debut issue and at this point I don’t want Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown to leave. There are some wonderful colors and each character comes to life. The heavy emphasis on technology fit perfectly with the atypical shape and placement of the panels, matching the geometric and mechanical aspects of the machines featured in the issue. My absolute favorite part of this issue were the double page spreads. There are more than in a typical issue and they work, conveying the impact and scale of the action.

What I wonder about Ultimates #2 is if its ending will have lasting consequences on the Marvel Universe. If it does then the status quo is vastly different. If not, then I can’t way I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the development was contained in this arc. Regardless, I look forward to seeing where this series goes and what happens with each of the characters.

If you like team series, Ultimates is still your comic. Much of the narration is done through Black Panther, but everyone shines through each panel. We truly have a team of powerhouses, and if they are the right choice to tackle issues of this magnitude.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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