Written by Rick Remender
Art by John Cassaday
Release Date: October 10, 2012

Marvel NOW! begins with Uncanny Avengers #1, our first look at the “post AvX” world. Rick Remender has all eyes on him with this one, and he delivers.

This comic has a lot of weight, from the first page, in story, art, concept, and what it means to the Marvel Universe. I’ll admit to being curious to see how Remender handled the characters in this book…if he’d dive in or spend a lot of time reflecting on AvX, and I’m happy to report he struck just the right balance of both. Remender looks the tensions that linger from AvX right in the eye and uses them as fantastic devices for some really emotional moments with several characters. This book is going to be brimming with tension for a good long while by the looks of it, and based on this first issue, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Remender also does a great job of introducing us to the core of this team in a natural way, checking in on each in a way that is very fluid and doesn’t feel at all contrived. There are no moments of ‘hey, look who else is here, Beast is on the team!’, but rather a sequence of events that force these members together into a roster that makes perfect sense for what this team is to accomplish. This is a very well scripted issue by a writer who has brought his unique blend of extreme action, humour, and emotion to the big stage with perfect precision.

On the art front, John Cassaday does what he does best: draw great comics. His art is damn near flawless in this comic and he is a great artist to bring Remender’s words to life. Cassaday uses some great angles during some of the more text-heavy panels to keep the page visually interesting and his pencils are sharp from the first panel to the last. This is some of the best art I have seen from him since his early Planetary days, and I look forward to seeing him really let loose with this team. This issue’s art is very in sync with Remender’s script and I felt a very strong Astonishing X-Men vibe from this comic. Not in the sense that the content is being ripped off, but rather that there is chemistry between the artist and writer and that readers are in for something special with Uncanny Avengers.

In the end, this is a dynamic and explosive start to Marvel NOW! and a really fun comic to read. ‘Nuff said.

Verdict: 9.0/10


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