Saturday AM Kickstarts Diverse Manga Graphic Novels

RALEIGH, NC – 10/24/2018 — Saturday AM is a digital magazine that publishes diverse artists from all over the world who create comics in the popular Japanese “manga” style. Having launched in 2013, global readers have gravitated to the teenage-oriented brand thanks to original characters like CLOCK STRIKER (aka Cast, a black teenage girl who dreams of being a SMITH, a cross between an engineer and a ninja) as well as up and coming creators like WHYT MANGA (a crowd-pleasing Nigerian artist with a large social media following).

Saturday AM has been one of the earliest and most vocal proponents of better representation for this type of comic book. Their heroes, like the real world, come from various ethnicities, nationalities, genders, and orientations. With fans from the USA to China, Nigeria to Hungary, and many more countries, Saturday AM has published over 94 issues of the magazine for the fan who has always wanted to see manga-style stories with more diverse casts and inspired artists who’ve always wanted to create this type of content but lacked a vehicle to aspire to.

After five years of continuous growth, this refreshing concept has launched on Kickstarter with the goal of moving beyond e-commerce to traditional brick and mortar retail around the world with a brand new graphic novel line collecting some of the most popular series from the magazine, HAMMER, SAIGAMI, and APPLE BLACK.

Saturday AM’s Kickstarter campaign offered three graphic novels (instead of one) and was able to raise 50% of their $10,000 goal in less than a week. Despite some slowdown with the threat of powerful hurricanes like Matthew, the goal is within sight with days to spare. Stretch goals will ensure that both creators and fans receive additional support via bonuses and foreign language translations.

The Kickstarter campaign offers unique rewards to Saturday AM’s backers, such as one of a kind art prints, new magazines (with never before seen creators and stories), and a chance to be a VOICE ACTOR for an upcoming cartoon short of one of Saturday AM’s comic series. JeyOdin (nee Jonathan Mullins, creator of HAMMER), a published African-American comic artist who has worked with renowned publishers like Oni Press, will be contributing up to 4 commissions along with other Kickstarter artists like Andrea Voros (creator of SAIGAMI) and Whyt Manga (nee Odunze Oguguo, creator of APPLE BLACK).

“Saturday AM was always intended to bring new, exciting characters to inspire today’s young comic book fan the way the Saturday morning cartoons did decades ago,” said Frederick Jones, the CEO of MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC (Publisher of Saturday AM). “For the past four years, we have exclusively published books via Amazon, but based on the unbelievable demand we’ve experienced, we believe we can help to bring many online consumers into their local stores or libraries via these redesigned graphic novels.”

To help us make Saturday AM’s new graphic novel line a success – visit the project on Kickstarter.