Shop Talk with Alpha Comics: December 7, 2012

Welcome to the final Shop Talk of 2012 with Alpha Comics owner Chris Humphries! Chris lets us know his top pick of 2012, what the biggest event of the year was, and another monthly gaze into his crystal ball! Let’s dig into it!

Aaron Long: This is our final Shop Talk of this calendar year, so I have to ask a ’roundup’ question. What was the top event/crossover of the year at Alpha Comics?

Chris Humphries: Avengers Vs X-Men was by far the biggest thing of the year. I have 1st prints of the whole run in stock and people are still picking up the entire 12 issue series. For many people DC’s New 52 was what brought them back to comics and AvX was their jumping on point for the Marvel books. If Marvel and I do our jobs right, this ought to branch out into the same people getting on board for Marvel Now.

AL: How is the Phantom Variant program progressing? What variants do you currently have available at your online store?

CH: The Phantom Variant has been a success at many angles. For me it has brought new faces into the shop. For the creator-owned comics, the variants significantly increase the number of copies they sell. It’s a fun initiative and the covers have been great. There are a few people collecting them all. I’ve had a few sell outs but full listings can be found at

AL: Marvel NOW! is now in full swing, what are your patrons thinking about the initiative? Has the overall response been positive so far?

CH: Things have been going great for Marvel Now. Thor Got of Thunder, All-New X-Men and Deadpool have been getting a lot of talk in the shop. Everyone was hoping these new books would be good so there has been a bit of a sigh of relief.

AL: What has been your favourite series to read in 2012?

CH: That’s easy. My personal favourite of 2012 has been Saga. Saga provides an unforgettable comic experience. An amazing story with incredible art and likeable characters.

AL: And now, your favourite: crystal ball time – biggest book of December?

CH: December is a very competitive month but I’d expect to see Amazing Spider-Man #700 to be the number one spot.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for our monthly chats throughout 2012, and I look forward to continuing into 2013! -AL


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