Shop Talk with Alpha Comics: May 9, 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013 is in the book, and our retailer friend Chris Humphries of Alpha Comics is here to discuss the FCBD goings on and what is on tap for the month of May! It’s time to talk some shop!

Aaron Long: Free Comic Book day struck last Saturday and lit twitter on fire. How was your day in the shop and did turnout exceed your expectations?

InfinityMyThanosStoryChris Humphries: This was the 2nd FCBD at Alpha Comics. Attendance was more than double that of last year and it was my best sales day on record. Everyone had a great time and heard quite a few people say it was the best FCBD they’ve been to.

AL: Of the Free Comic Book Day offerings, which one has caused the most buzz in the shop? Did the books from the smaller publishers match the hype and draw of the big two titles?

CH: I guess this is a bit difficult to answer. There wasn’t any buzz on any particular FCBD comic, just the day itself. Perhaps some people came with one particular book in mind but it wasn’t something talked about in the shop.

AL: The upcoming Batman: Zero Year arc has received criticism/skepticism regarding its length. Do you find readers are turned off by lengthy story arcs? Does interest wane as the arc continues?

CH: Batman is my best selling comic. The length of a story arc isn’t going to change that. People are excited for Year Zero and I’ve never heard complaints about arc length regarding this book or any other. Seems like a silly thing to me to be turned off a comic because of how many issues a story runs for. When people like something they want more of it, when they don’t they want less.

AL: With Iron Man 3 putting up huge numbers at the box office, have you seen an uptick in interest in the Iron Man ongoing or trades?

CH: There sure are a lot of people who want to talk about Iron Man 3 with me but no, the movie hasn’t caused anyone to seek out the comic material at my shop. Neither has any other Marvel movie.

AL: Time to break out the crystal ball you keep hidden behind Guardian: top book and top creator owned book for May?

CH: There isn’t a bunch of competing new series launching like there has been in the last few months. I’m calling X-Men #1 as the clear winner of the top selling comic of May.