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HERoes: Amy Chu

HERoes: Amy Chu

HERoes is one of the columns I am most proud of when I look at the breadth of work that has been produced by Comicosity writers in these past five years, and it isn’t hard to see why when you read this column and look through the archives. Amy Chu is a writer you are seeing

Preview: X-O MANOWAR ANNUAL 2016 #1

X-O MANOWAR ANNUAL 2016 #1 Written by ROBERT VENDITTI with AMY CHU and JODY HOUSER Art by PERE PEREZ with ADAM GORHAM, MIKE MCKONE, and J.G. JONES Cover A by PHIL JIMENEZ (MAR161819) Cover B by CARMEN CARNERO (MAR161820) Variant Cover by BRIAN LEVEL (MAR161821) Variant Cover by JEFF DEKAL (MAR161822) Join the adventures of


A YEAR OF MARVELS: THE AMAZING #1 Written by Ryan North and Amy Chu Art by Bruce Bezaire, Ryan Browne, Danilo Beyruth, Cris Peter Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: April 27, 2016 Join us in a brand new Marvel comics adventure as your favorite heroes journey through the calendar year one month at a time!


X-Files Deviations One-Shot Amy Chu (w) • Elena Casagrande & Silvia Califano (a), Arianna Florean (colours) • Cat Staggs (c) In a world where young Fox Mulder was abducted by aliens and never returned, another Mulder takes up the crusade against deception! Meet Samantha Mulder, a believer who won’t stop until she finds out the

DC Announces Second Printing for POISON IVY: CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH #1

On January 20th, DC Entertainment debuted of one of Gotham’s greatest villains in her own series for the first time—Poison Ivy! Just two weeks later, we’re pleased to announce that POISON IVY: CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH #1, written by Amy Chu with artwork by Clay Mann, Seth Mann and Ulises Arreola, has sold out! But


POISON IVY: CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH #1 Written by Amy Chu Art by Clay Mann, Seth Mann, and Ulises Arreola Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 20, 2016 As much fun as the idea is of a Poison Ivy mini-series that would give her a stronger independent identity away from her cameos in

First Look: DEADPOOL #7

New York, NY—January 13th, 2016 — And lo’ there came a day unlike any other, in February of 1991, when merc and mouth united for a common goal. And on that day, Deadpool was born! Now, a mere quarter of a century later, we’re celebrating Deadpool’s 25th Anniversary this February in the colossal sized DEADPOOL