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Review: RED LANTERNS #22

Review: RED LANTERNS #22

RED LANTERNS #22 Written by Charles Soule Art by Alessandro Vitti Release date: July 31, 2013 This latest issue raises a very interesting question: Just who or what is in control of the Red Lanterns? When we last left Guy Gardner, in issue #21, he had taken down the most powerful Red Lantern ever known

Interview: Charles Soule Turns a New Leaf with SWAMP THING

Yesterday’s issue of Swamp Thing may have wrapped up Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette’s eighteen month run on DC Comics’ critical darling, but the adventure for the man formerly known as Alec Holland is far from over! Taking the reins of this classic horror title, once again set in the DC Universe of the New


STRANGE ATTRACTORS #1 Written by Charles Soule Art by Greg Scott Release Date: December 19, 2012 Archaia Entertainment’s Strange Attractors is the sort of book we used to see from Vertigo in the 90s. Heller Wilson, A graduate student studying complexity theory, seeks out the mentorship of an aging professor. Heller discovers that this professor