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Christine Larsen’s MICROCOSMICS Now Available In Collection

Christine Larsen’s MICROCOSMICS Now Available In Collection

Harvey Award Nominated cartoonist and illustrator, Christine Larsen (Adventure Time, Valentine, Samurai Jack) proudly releases her first collection of her wordless, short fantasy stories into one book of magic and mystery. A bizarre egg, a dark mountain, dubious forest spirits, and a dead god all inhabit this set of mini comics set in an alien


Uncle Grandpa and the Time Casserole OGN TP Imprint: KaBOOM! Writers: Pete Browngardt, Kelsy Abbot, and Pranas Naujokaitis Artists: Philip Murphy, Charles Paul Wilson III, Christine Larsen, Alexis Ziritt, David DeGrand, George Mager, Pranas Naujokaitis What’s to Love: Uncle Grandpa series creator Peter Browngardt, series writer Kelsy Abbott, and Pranas Naujokaitis (Adventure Time) are taking

Bookmark This Comic: VALENTINE

VALENTINE Written by Alex De Campi Art by Christine Larsen Original Release Date: December 7, 2009 New Chapters Released On: Wednesday What’s the Pitch?: “Swords! Magic! Monsters! And a modicum of kissing. A soldier in Napoleon’s army gets caught up in an adventure far beyond his wildest fears, as the monsters and myths of legend