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Review: TUROK #1

Review: TUROK #1

TUROK #1 Written by Chuck Wendig Art by Alvaro Sarraseca, Triona Farrell, and Taylor Esposito Published by Dynamite Entertainment Release Date: August 2, 2017 I have been enjoying the recent revival of classic Gold Key characters form Dynamite Entertainment. Historically, these Gold Key characters have been directly marketed toward men and have struggled through different

Review: HYPERION #1

  HYPERION #1 Written by Chuck Wendig Art by Nik Virella, Romulo Fajardo, Jr., Joe Caramagna Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: March 23, 2016 I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Marvel’s Superman analog makes his solo series debut just as the Distinguished Competition’s Man of Steel returns to the silver screen. Striking a heroic

First Look: THE SHIELD #2

THE ORIGINAL PATRIOTIC HERO RETURNS THIS FEBRUARY IN THE SHIELD #2! As Victoria Adams finds herself on the run in present day Washington D.C., dark secrets are revealed about her origins tied to the birth of the United States! With her memories gone and facing attacks from all sides, just whose side is THE SHIELD