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Exclusive Preview: SECRET SIX #12

Exclusive Preview: SECRET SIX #12

DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview for next week’s Secret Six #12, part two of the confrontation between Lady Shiva and Strix — guest starring Batgirl! Scroll down to view the full sized preview images! SECRET SIX #12 Written by Gail Simone Art by Dale Eaglesham, Tom Derenick, and Jason Wright Published by DC

GAME CHANGERS: Gail Simone on SECRET SIX’s Black Alice

Next week marks the second story arc of the quintessential “Because YOU Demanded It!” title from DC Comics, Secret Six from writer Gail Simone and artist Dale Eaglesham! And taking the leading role in the new story is none other than one of Simone’s original female characters — and one that seems to keep popping

Review: SINESTRO #1

SINESTRO #1 Written by Cullen Bunn Art by Dale Eaglesham Published by DC Comics Release Date: April 16, 2014 This review was co-written by @ScottBerry, Comicosity’s foremost Sinestrologist.  Sinestro is easily DC’s most anticipated and long-deserved new solo title this year, and the first issue is both a surprise and a familiar treat for longtime