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WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 125: Shaving the Chief and Constantly Smoking

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 125: Shaving the Chief and Constantly Smoking

Mike and Paul are finally back in the driving seat and once again tearing down the Doom Highway with stops to discuss HeroesCon and the latest Doom Patrol TV casting rumours. Let’s get Patrolling! In this episode: Our Week in Comics 1:40 Down on Derington Way 10:00 Doom Clock 14:22 Doomsplaining 17:44 Discussion of Doom Patrol Volume 3 issues

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 122: A Little Late Like Immortus Is A Little Old

IS THAT A NEW VOLUME 6 ISSUE I SEE BEFORE ME?? LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 9:45 Doom Clock – 15:00 Doomsplaining – 20:21 – It’s here! The conclusion to the arc that leads into the event that’s already concluded! It’s Doom Patrol Volume 6 Issue 11, by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain, Tom

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 121: The Hell Equivalent of Tasmania

Angels! Demons! Literal tugging of heart strings! Cocooned souls! GSMD! Flying arms to the head – take a drink, and LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 5:41 Doom Clock – 13:58 Doomsplaining – 18:21 – We are taking another dive into the hidden gem that is volume 3 of the Doom Patrol, and discuss issues 11

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 120: Once, Twice, Three Times An Ape-y

Hot gorilla-on-gorilla action! Kleenex couture! Can you really have ‘time-honoured traditions’ by the 7th issue of a series? Awkward phone conversations! Failing memory! All this and the ever-eternal question on everyone’s lips: just who the bloody hell ARE the Devolutionists anyway?!? LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 9:02 Doom Clock – 9:45 Doomsplaining – 14:50 –

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 119: The Last Stand of Sameness

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and face the strange; ch-ch-changes! Milk Wars is gonna change the Pa-trol! Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and face the strange; ch-ch-changes! Paul’s sick, this ep Mike is joined by Rift-y! Milk Wars will change things; but Young Animal will be fine… Doom Clock – 14:30 Doomsplaining – 18:12 – Mike and special guest co-host Rifty discuss the Milk

THE HONOR ROLL: February 28, 2018 Releases

The crushing weight of amazing comics this week is almost too much to take! We have incredible picks from our contributors, full of spoilers to help lighten to load, so let’s get to it! DOOM PATROL/JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 – Doug Zawisza The cover of Doom Patrol/Justice League of America Special #1 features members of

10 WORDS: February 28, 2018 Releases

One word. Sometimes, it’s all you need to adequately describe a comic. Sometimes, you need a lot more, BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE IN THIS GAME. I guilted Nikki, Doug, MJ and Allen into playing this game with me, and they haven’t bailed yet…SO LET’S TAKE ON WEEK 26 OF THIS MADNESS! February 28 releases,