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Review: MS. MARVEL #27

Review: MS. MARVEL #27

MS. MARVEL #27 Written by G. Willow Wilson Art by Nico Leon and Ian Herring, Joe Caramagna Edited by Mark Basso, Sana Amanat Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: February 14, 2018 “What is the real Ms. Marvel, ontologically-wise?” asks Gabe, in part three of the Teenage Wasteland story arc. He says this as he and

COMICS CLASSROOM: The Role of Comics in Politics and Art [Part 3]

In the second part of this series I took the commentary surrounding Action Comics #987 to task, and while most aspects of the criticism leveled against the issue don’t stand, they got me thinking. What came to my mind was this: how do we tend to see, visually, immigrants in comics put out by companies