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TWISTED ROMANCE #3 Written by Alex de Campi, Jess Bradley, and Margaret Trauth Art by Carla Speed McNeil and Margaret Trauth Published by Image Comics Release Date: February 21, 2018 Twisted Romance brings more anthological tales of love and wanting in this new issue, telling tales of love from afar! In this issue, the creators

Transmyscira: The Second Amendment Doesn’t Apply to the Fourth Wall

I can draw a perfect replica of a Desert Eagle handgun from memory, and I’ve been able to do it since before either Snatch or The Matrix came out. The unique L-shaped slide, the weird, bulbous outline of the barrel that looks like a water balloon held by the knot, the whole thing. I know


TWISTED ROMANCE #2 Written by Alex de Campi, Vita Ayala, and Meredith McLaren Art by Alejandra Gutiérrez and Meredith McLaren Published by Image Comics Release Date: February 14, 2018 Difficult as it might be to believe now, there was a time when Image was known more for quirky anthologies than it was for offbeat pop

Review: KICK-ASS #1

KICK-ASS #1 Written by Mark Millar Art by John Romita Jr., Peter Stiegerwald, Megan Madrigal, John Workman, and Melina Mikulic Edited by Rachel Fulton Published by Image Comics Release Date: February 14, 2018 Amidst the announcement that Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. were releasing a new Kick-Ass series was a lot of confusion. This

Image Announces FLAVOR, Coming In May

PORTLAND, OR, 02/13/2018 — Writer Joseph Keatinge (GLORY, SHUTTER) and artist Wook Jin Clark (Adventure Time: The Flip Side) team up with colorist Tamra Bonvillain, letterer Ariana Maher, designer Rich Tommaso, and culinary consultant Ari Bouzari (Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food) for a delectable new adventure this May: FLAVOR. Within a strange walled

Interview: Johnnie Christmas Lights Up the Beautiful World of FIREBUG

“What if I lived at the foot of an active volcano?” Comic book creator Johnnie Christmas uses this question for the basis of a rich world he has created in Firebug. He has not only created a fascinating world but also it’s religion, gods, culture, and fantastic looking creatures. It’s creators like Johnnie Christmas or

Interview: Pichetshote, Campbell, and Villarubbia on INFIDEL

The topic of racism in our world is a theme that has been touched on in many genres. Infidel is a new horror comic book series created by Pornsak Pichetshote & Aaron Campbell, and published by Image Comics. In it he tackles this theme through the lens of the genre of horror. With realistic and


PORTLAND, OR, 02/09/2018 — Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are back at it with an all-new mind-blowing story arc of the bestselling series THE WICKED + THE DIVINE which kicks off in issue #34. It will be available in stores on Wednesday, March 7th. This penultimate story arc to THE WICKED + THE DIVINE series will answer long-asked questions

VS #1 Sent Back to Print

PORTLAND, OR, 02/09/2018 — The no-holds-barred sci-fi satire of VS, the new series from Iván Brandon and Esad Ribić, offers a canny vision of the future of warfare, and fans can’t get enough. As a result, VS #1 is being fast-tracked for a second printing in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand. When war is