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Preview: MIGHTY THOR #15

Preview: MIGHTY THOR #15

MIGHTY THOR #15 Written by Jason Aaron Art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: January 11, 2017 THE “ASGARD/SHI’AR WAR” STARTS HERE! As Malekith’s campaign to conquer the Ten Realms rages on, Thor and her League of Heroes lead the charge against the Dark Elf’s forces. But far across

Best Of 2016: Writer

The year is winding to a close, which got us to thinking… what were the best comics of the year? The Comicosity staff has gathered and submitted their top picks of 2016, today being Best Writer: Allen Thomas Francis Manapul I’m a big fan of mythos and lore, as well as emotional relationships, so my

First Look: THE MIGHTY THOR #15

New York, NY—December 12th, 2016 —Kick 2017 off with a bang as two Marvel Universe mainstays go to war – and shake the cosmos! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at THE MIGHTY THOR #15 – the first chapter of the “Asgard/Shi’ar War”! Chartbusting creators Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman bring you


THE MIGHTY THOR #13 Written by Jason Aaron Art by Steve Epting, Frank Martin Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: November 23, 2016 Tolkien Avengers…..assemble! The League of Realms have come together once again to covertly whip some Dark Elf ass and make some great cracks along the way. It’ll all go swimmingly, right? There’s