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KIRBYOLOGY!: The Patron Saint of Nazi-Punching

KIRBYOLOGY!: The Patron Saint of Nazi-Punching

Most of my Jack Kirby enjoyment is part of a solo escape attempt from this turd of a planet. Since boom tubes aren’t available, I spend hours flipping through Devil Dinosaur, rereading OMAC, boggling at images from The Demon, or reading the latest issue of the always wonderful Jack Kirby Collector. But sometimes I get

KIRBYOLOGY!: Heirs to Weirdness (and Badassness), Michel Fiffe and Benjamin Marra

Jack Kirby never got the credit and money he deserved when alive, but after leaving Marvel for DC in 1970, he did enjoy a certain degree of freedom. Sure, DC made some insane changes to his work — like redrawing Superman’s heads to match their house style — but the content of Kirby’s 1970s comics