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Exclusive Preview: MS. MARVEL #30

Exclusive Preview: MS. MARVEL #30

MS. MARVEL #30 Written by G. Willow Wilson Art by Nico Leon, Ian Herring, Joe Caramagna Edited by Mark Basso, Sana Amanat Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: May 30, 2018 EVERY WHICH WAY BUT UP! KAMALA KHAN’s feeling the pressure…but how can she choose between BRUNO and the RED DAGGER? And will her double

THE HONOR ROLL: February 14, 2018 Releases

Excitement abounds with comics, comics movies and the magic of the medium! We have great spoiler-filled picks for you to check out this week, so let’s get to it! BLACK MONDAY MURDERS #8 – James Kaplan This issue was a long time coming but it was well worth it. There’s The Black Monday Murders and then there’s

Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America and More in MARVEL RISING #0

New York, NY—January 31, 2018— For the first time ever, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America, Inferno and Patriot are teaming up for a brand-new epic tale featuring the next generation of Marvel Super Heroes. Building on the recently announced multi-platform franchise MARVEL RISING, readers will find a thrilling new comic book mini event kicking off

15 Over 10: Comic Books for Pre-Teens

Last week, we listed out 15 comics that were designed perfectly for kids under 10 years old. Now, we flip the narrative and take a look at 15 comics made to be loved by pre-teens, kids over 10… and all the way up to adulthood! So, without further ado, our 15 Over 10 for kids

THE HONOR ROLL: October 11, 2017 Releases

Season change. People change. But Comics, comics keep the light of life alive. We have great spoiler-filled picks for you to check out, so let’s get to it! MS. MARVEL #23 – James Kaplan Month in and month out, Ms. Marvel is consistently one of the best comics on the stands. The artists change periodically,

COMICS CLASSROOM: The Role of Comics in Politics and Art [Part 3]

In the second part of this series I took the commentary surrounding Action Comics #987 to task, and while most aspects of the criticism leveled against the issue don’t stand, they got me thinking. What came to my mind was this: how do we tend to see, visually, immigrants in comics put out by companies

HOT FIVE: Week Of September 20, 2017

Welcome to Comicosity’s Hot Five. Hot Five is a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold in the comic market. BATMAN: THE RED