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Marvel Announces the All-New Captain America

Marvel Announces the All-New Captain America

New York, NY – July 17th, 2014 – Marvel is excited to announce that beginning in November 2014, the title of Captain America will be passed to Sam Wilson, The Falcon, in the pages of All-New Captain America #1 by series writer Rick Remender (Captain America, Uncanny Avengers) and series artist Stuart Immonen (All-New X-Men).



WINTER SOLDIER: BITTER MARCH #5 Written by Rick Remender Art by Roland Boschi Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: July 9, 2014 The Winter Solder is dead–long live Bucky! The conclusion, the terrible decision that will forever change Ran Shen! Witness the birth of the man who will one day destroy Steve Rogers! Enter: The

black science 7-1

First Look: BLACK SCIENCE #7

Rick Remender (DEADLY CLASS, Uncanny Avengers, Captain America) and artist Matteo Scalera (DEAD BODY ROAD) dive deeper into the unknown in the hit science fiction adventure series BLACK SCIENCE. The critically-acclaimed new series that follows a team of adventurer fringe scientists on a dimension-hopping journey filled with danger and suspense begins an all-new story arc


First Look: LOW #1

Rick Remender (BLACK SCIENCE, DEADLY CLASS) and artist Greg Tocchini (Uncanny X-Force) plunge into an underwater dystopian world in their new, highly anticipated ongoing series LOW. This #1 issue marks the launch of the science fiction series first announced at Image Expo in January and the beginning of a sure-to-be hit for fans of Remender