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WE TALK COMICS #37: Kickstarter My Heart

WE TALK COMICS #37: Kickstarter My Heart

It’s Indie time! This week the boys settle in and discuss the world of indie comics and some current Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns including Tiger Lawyer, Nowadays, The Adventures of Joe and Nancy Volume 1, Salta & War Zone. Interviews abound in this week’s podcast so settle in for a treat as Mo, Keith, Brett

Interview: Ryan Ferrier Dishes on TIGER LAWYER

He’s a tiger, he’s a lawyer! He’s Tiger Lawyer! Ryan Ferrier has unleashed a new breed of comic on the world with Tiger Lawyer #1, self-published through his Challenger Comics imprint. Tiger Lawyer #1 tells two stories of this unique individual and includes several pin-ups of the Tiger in action. Creator and writer Ryan Ferrier