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Guggenheim and Pacheco Bring SQUADRON SINISTER to Battleworld

Guggenheim and Pacheco Bring SQUADRON SINISTER to Battleworld

New York, NY—March 11th, 2015— The Squadron is back! Bigger, better, and more evil than ever! This June, the bad guys come out to play in SQUADRON SINISTER #1 – an all-new Secret Wars series! Writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow Executive Producer) and artist Carlos Pacheco (Captain America) bring you an epic crime story of superpowered

Maestro Comes to Battleworld in FUTURE IMPERFECT #1

New York, NY—March 5th, 2015— Can anyone stop the Maestro? That’s the question this June as the oppressive lord of Dystopia enters the Battleworld fray in FUTURE IMPERFECT #1! Writer Peter David returns to the nuclear-ravaged wastelands he made famous. And artist Greg Land joins him for an explosive all-new Secret Wars tale! In the

Guggenheim and Di Giandomenico Bring X-TINCTION AGENDA to Secret Wars

New York, NY—March 3rd, 2015— This June, return to the fight against the corrupt, mutant-exploiting government as a classic X-Crossover is reborn in the WARZONES! in X-TINCTION AGENDA #1! Writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow Executive Producer) and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico (All-New X-Factor) return to the shores of Genosha and to one of the most beloved

Stevenson & Greene Bring the RUNAWAYS to Battleworld

New York, NY—March 2nd, 2015— This June, a cult-favorite comes to Battleworld in RUNAWAYS #1 – a brand new Secret Wars series! Rising comic stars Noelle Stevenson (NIMONA, Lumberjanes) and Sanford Greene (Uncanny Avengers) bring you a new twist on a modern Marvel classic that’s sure to appeal to Runaways fans old and new! The

Marvel Zombies Headed to Battleworld

New York, NY—February 26, 2015— This June, a lone soldier ventures deep into unknown territory on a mission of personal discovery – and of blood-soaked survival! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce MARVEL ZOMBIES #1 – a brand-new Secret Wars series from writer Simon Spurrier (X-Force, X-Men: Legacy) and artist Kev Walker (New Avengers, Avengers