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DC Announces THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE Curated by Neil Gaiman

DC Announces THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE Curated by Neil Gaiman

BURBANK, CA (March 1, 2018) – DC Entertainment announces the creation of The Sandman Universe, a new Vertigo line of comic books curated by Neil Gaiman, conjuring epic storytelling, immersing readers into the evolving world of the Dreaming. The Sandman Universe begins with four new ongoing series, existing in a shared universe, building upon Gaiman’s New York Times best-selling


MOTHERLANDS #1 Written by Simon Spurrier Art by Rachael Stott, Felipe Sobreiro, Simon Bowland Edited by Amedeo Turturro, Andy Khouri Published by Vertigo Comics Release Date: Janurary 24, 2018 Si Spurrier and artist Rachael Stott have probably crafted one of the weirdest first issues to a series that I have come across in recent memory.


Power of the Dark Crystal #6 (of 12)  Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Writers: Simon Spurrier, Phillip Kennedy Johnson Art: Kelly and Nichole Matthews, Jim Campbell Cover Artists:       Main Cover: Mike Huddleston       Subscription Cover: Sana Takeda Price: $3.99 Synopsis: After being separated by the Chamberlin who is


SUICIDE SQUAD #10 Written by Rob Williams & Si Spurrier Art by Giuseppe Cafaro, Hi-Fi Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 25, 2017 The epilogue to Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller tries to fix some of what she’s broken after Max Lord unleashed the original Suicide Squad on the world. This issue


NUMBERCRUNCHER TPB Written by Si Spurrier Art by PJ Holden, Jordie Bellaire Published by Titan Comics Release date January 15, 2014 If you’re tired of being dragged to the movies for yet another sappy time-traveling romance where love conquers all, then have we got the trade for you! Don’t get me wrong, there is still love


NUMBERCRUNCHER #1 Written by Simon Spurrier Art by P.J. Holden Release date: July 17, 2013 Si Spurrier has decided that it’s time for comics to math-it-up with a four-part mini-series collecting his story Numbercruncher, originally serialized in the pages of Judge Dredd Megazine. The after-life romp follows around an agent who does the bidding for a