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Review: MECH CADET YU #3

Review: MECH CADET YU #3

MECH CADET YU #3 Written by Greg Pak Art by Takeshi Miyazawa, Triona Farrell, and Simon Bowland Published by BOOM! Studios Release Date: October 11, 2017 The shargs are back! Here to finish the war they started on earth! But how will this affect Yu and his classmates? Find out in another thrilling issue of


WILDSTORM: MICHAEL CRAY #1 Written by Bryan Hill Art by N Steven Harris, Dexter Vines, Steve Buccellato, Simon Bowland Published by DC Comics Release Date: October 11, 2017 Warren Ellis’ critically acclaimed relaunch of THE WILD STORM gets its first solo spinoff series! Michael Cray, professional assassin, has been betrayed by International Operations and has

Review: KINGS QUEST #1

KINGS QUEST #1 Written by Ben Acker, Heath Corson Art by Dan McDaid, Omi Remalante, Simon Bowland Published by Dynamite Entertainment Release Date: May 4, 2016 Co-written by Ben Acker and Heath Corson with art by Dan McDaid, colors from Omi Remalante, and lettering from Simon Bowland, Kings Quest #1 continues the adventures of the

Review: CRY HAVOC #1

CRY HAVOC #1 Written by Simon Spurrier Art by Ryan Kelly, Nick Filardi, Lee Loughridge, Matt Wilson, Simon Bowland Published by Image Comics Release Date: January 27, 2015 Look, if I could turn into a hot lycanthrope-like musician, I just might okay? And why is this a question? Well, Cry Havoc #1, of course! This is a brand new


NUMBERCRUNCHER TPB Written by Si Spurrier Art by PJ Holden, Jordie Bellaire Published by Titan Comics Release date January 15, 2014 If you’re tired of being dragged to the movies for yet another sappy time-traveling romance where love conquers all, then have we got the trade for you! Don’t get me wrong, there is still love