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Advance Review: DEATHBED #1

Advance Review: DEATHBED #1

DEATHBED #1 Written by Joshua Williamson Art by Riley Rossmo, Ivan Placencia, and Deron Bennett Edited by Amedeo Turturro and Mark Doyle Published by DC Comics/Vertigo Release Date: February 21, 2018 Let me be honest with you all, and no spoilers, but this book is WILD. I want to tell you everything, but I’m trying to keep

Exclusive Preview: IMAGINARY FIENDS #2

DC Comics has shared a second EXCLUSIVE preview with Comicosity for next week release: Imaginary Fiends #2 from their Vertigo imprint! Scroll down to view the full-sized preview images. IMAGINARY FIENDS #1 Written by Tim Seeley Art by Stephen Molnar, Quinton Winter, and Carlos M. Mangual Edited by Molly Mahan, Amedeo Turturro, and Jamie S.

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #7-9

My momma was raised in the era when clean water was only served to the fairer skin. – Kanye West, New Slaves After a brief hiatus, we return to our regular scheduled programming. When we last saw Spider, he was raging against religion and the cynical exploitation of it for money and power. The following

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #6

“We often believe with criminal superficiality that to educate the masses politically is to deliver a long political harangue from time to time.” – Frantz Fanon Spider Jerusalem’s biggest flaw, the open wound through which pathos positively oozes out of him, is that he’s never wrong. He may occasionally be incorrect or make a miscalculation,

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #5

I want to talk about […] what it’s going to feel like to live through the next ten years. It does not feel like progress. However, it does not feel like conservatism either. There’s neither progress nor conservatism, because there’s nothing left to conserve and no direction in which to progress. – Bruce Sterling,  “Reboot

Exclusive May 2017 DC Solicitations: VERTIGO Titles

DC Comics has provided Comicosity with the EXCLUSIVE early reveal on four titles from its Vertigo line. Scroll down to check out each one!   ASTRO CITY #45 Written by KURT BUSIEK Art by BRENT ANDERSON Cover by ALEX ROSS “WHAT BROKE THE BROKEN MAN?” part one of two! Astro City’s tangled history of superheroes,

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #4

With the riot fading into the distance for the time being, we get the first solid look at what Spider thinks journalism is for and The Beast enters stage right. While the first couple issues were dense with ideas about the future to analyze, the third issue — which also serves as the opening issue