Ten Tweets Thursday with @raptureistoday

Welcome to another Ten Tweets Thursday, this week with Arch (@raptureistoday). Arch is a fellow who knows when the rapture is coming and, more importantly, he knows that Scott Summers Must Die. Check out his responses to the infamous Ten Tweets!

#1 What is the first comic you remember reading?
1st comic I remember reading…I believe was old school Firestorm or TMNT. Found them at a yardsale and never looked back.
#2 You can only pick two: all time favorite comic book characters?
Batman and Red Hood…complete opposites but so alike…
#3 What is your favorite series arc, limited or mini-series of all time?
#3 is a tie between The Long Halloween/Hush/Under the Hood…sorry for the indecisiveness but I just can’t choose
#4 How do you read your comics? Print, digital, trades? 
I’m a longtime reader of trades and print so those rule my decision making, however if I need a story now, I’ll go digital
#5 What do you consider to be the most “obscure” title you read? 
Valen the Outcast…nobody talks about it
#6 You get to pick three: Favorite writers (current or of all time)?
I love Snyder, Simone, Johns, Winick, Brubaker but favorites go to Swierczyinski, Waid, and Rucka
#7 What is your favorite comic collector’s item?
Sadly, I don’t have any collectibles other than my longboxes and some Bat-goodies but all of those are my precious (es???)
(Additonal tweet) SONOFA!!! Just remembered my Jim Lee autographed Hush #imaschmuck
#8 As a reader do you tend to stick to a specific publisher, follow creative teams or follow characters?
I can’t stay away from Bat-stories but usually its a matter or creative team & overall arc…I just want quality, wherever it comes from
#9 You get to pick three (again): Favorite artists?
After what Ben Oliver did w/Batwing he’s a favorite, as is Lee Bermejo & Jim Lee…so many other greats though (Copiel, Capullo, Daniels)
#10 What was the last comic you read before answering these questions? 

Cable 11 by Mr. Swierczynski…so underrated, so awesome