#TenTweetsThursday with @jmeninja

Happy Thursday, comic book fans! Today, we celebrate Thor’s Day by asking a comic fan, @jmeninja, ten questions about her reading habits. Check out what she had to say below!

#1 What is the first comic you remember reading?

Richie Rich

#2 You can only pick two: all time favorite comic book characters?

Batman and Emma Frost

#3 What is your favorite series arc, limited or mini-series of all time?

Red Son

#4 How do you read your comics? Print, digital, trades?

Print and Trade

#5 What is your favourite independent comic you feel everyone should be picking up?

Saga. It has something for every fan.

#6 You get to pick three: Favorite writers (current or of all time)?

Remender, Gillen, Gaiman

#7 What is your favorite comic collector’s item?

My Jim Mahfood sketches.

#8 As a reader do you tend to stick to a specific publisher, follow creative teams or follow characters?

Creative teams. I am fond of specific characters but it’s all about the team for me.

#9 You get to pick three (again): Favorite artists?

Stephanie Hans, Sean Gordon Murphy, Jim Mahfood.

#10 What was the last comic you read before answering these questions?

The Waid, Samnee, and Wilson Black Widow trade 1