THE HANGOUT featuring Adam P. Knave: December 14, 2015

Amelia Cole’s Adam P. Knave joins Alison and Karen to talk about depression, mental health and the creative process. Adam has advice for new creators about Twitter, productivity, and self-care. The girls share some of their experiences with depression and anxiety. Oh, and Adam does the entire show with a puppet.

We also discuss the books we’ve read and can’t wait to read: Rachel Rising, Gotham Academy, InSeXts, The Ultimates, Mystery Girl, Phonogram, The Wicked + The Divine, Lucifer, Batman And Robin Eternal, and Huck!

To preorder Laser Joan and the Ray Guns, use the code DEC150104 for Dark Horse Presents #19!

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Time Stamps:

Picks for Last Week:

  1. Rachel Rising (2:55)
  2. Gotham Academy (4:05)
  3. The Ultimates (6:20)
  4. InSeXts (7:50)
  5. Mystery Girl (10:05)

Adam’s New Projects (12:45)

Depression, Mental Health, and Making Comics (19:35)

Picks for 12/16

  1. Lucifer (52:15)
  2. The Wicked + The Divine (53:15)
  3. Batman & Robin Eternal (54:20)
  4. Huck (55:45)
  5. Phonogram (56:55)
  6. Next Week: Heather Antos! (59:55)

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