THE HANGOUT: February 18, 2016

The Hangout celebrates its third anniversary! Jessica rejoins Alison and Karen to think back on how they’ve all changed as readers in the last three years, as well as whether their comics dreams have come to pass and what they want in the future. Then they talk COMIC BOOKS.

Alison has a lot of feelings about pregnancy and female friendship related to Spider-Woman #4. Karen has theories about what to expect after Rachel Rising #40. Jessica admits she was wrong and that Jughead is awesome. Then things get emotional.

Where We Are vs Where We Started – 8:15
Did Our Dreams Come True? – 35:48
Looking Foreward – 48:04
Spider-Woman #4 – 58:18
Rachel Rising #40 – 1:10:01
Jughead – 1:17:04
Thank Yous, Dedications, & Tears – 1:24:26

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