THE HANGOUT featuring Chris Sims: May 27, 2013

Monday is never a bad day when there is a new episode of The Hangout! Join Jessica, Alison & Karen as they talk with the creative team of Subatomic Party Girls from Monkeybrain Comics! Chris Sims, Chad Bowers & Erica Henderson are in the house for an unforgettable edition of the ever awesome Hangout. Dive in right now!

1:00 – Memorial Day Salute
3:00 – Subatomic Party Girls!
8:00 – Character design with Erica
12:30 – So, how are you?
18:00 – Picks of the week
24:30 – Green Team
33:00 – Batman’s Beloved
36:00 – Picks for next week
43:00 – G.I. Joe #3


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