THE HONOR ROLL: January 2, 2019 Releases

It’s a fresh start, a new beginning! A batch of amazing creators and comics came out this week and we have great spoiler-filled picks for you to check out, so let’s get to it!

ACTION COMICS #1006 Doug Zawisza

With visuals that magnificently merge the talents of Ryan Sook, colorist Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed, Action Comics #1006 continues the “Invisible Mafia” storyline from writer Brian Michael Bendis and begins revealing some secrets that cranks up the intensity of this tale.

About Me: I’m Doug. Father of three, husband of one, fan of all things good. I’m a regular contributor here on Comicosity and I dig a good roll call. Twitter: @DZawisza


My LCS ordered in copies of the TKO Presents books and I was able to grab The Fearsome Doctor Fang. Lots of pulpy adventure and humor.

About Me: I’m Tom. Slightly addicted to comics, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. I also try to spend some time behind the lens of my camera. Love Bronze Age comics and the Black Hole movie from Disney. Follow me @tphoto10


I know that when the DC Universe streaming app was announced, the thing that got me the most hyped was the announcement of Young Justice season 3! What some people don’t know, however, is that to coincide with the launch of season 3 (which went live 1/4/19, FYI), DC Universe is also running a digital only YJ comic on the app! Chapters 1 & 2 dropped, and it’s great to see the gang together again!

About Me: Scott Keys is a father, Butler University grad, pharmacist, and full-time comic nerd. You can follow his adventures around the spinner-rack and his Incoherent Comic Book Ramblings on: Twitter: LikecarKeys

TITANS #32 – Martin Gray

Oh Brother, Mother Blood lays out her gospel in Titans #32 and by golly if she doesn’t sell me on her vision for a better world. She owes big thanks to her prophets, writer Dan Abnett, artist Clay Mann, colourist Marcelo Maiolo and colorist Dave Sharpe. And puns. Really great puns.

About Me: I’m a veteran (old!) comics fan who by day works as a non-mild-mannered (thoroughly obnoxious) journalist and by night blogs about comics at Too Dangerous For a Girl. Feel free to follow my witterings at @DangerousToo


It’s hard not to pick a panel from every new issue of The Umbrella Academy that is released, because Gabriel Bá is one of my favorite cartoonists.  Maybe I’ll just choose one from every other issue.  In the meantime, drink this in.

About Me: Pete Buser is an enigma wrapped in a variant cover. Follow his mystery @petebuser


There are so many characters within the DC universe who have dealt with trauma, especially in the Bat family. But some of these traumatic moments also leave scars, as we see in this powerful sequence with Barbara’s interview. There are no words that are needed to explain what Barbara has gone through.

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ACTION COMICS #1006 Aaron Meyers

Sometimes we need a reminder what makes Superman so great.

About Me: Aaron Meyers loves reading comics, collecting comics and talking about comics. He’s grateful to share his love of comics with all of his friends on the Internet. From Twitter at @aaronmeyers, to his new podcast, Comics Therapy with Andrea Shockling, it’s all about the love of comics. He also loves his family, especially his wife, Chrissy Meyers. And while you were taking the time to read this, Aaron went and bought all the best issues from your store’s dollar bin. You lose, Aaron wins. #AllTheComics

Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week!