THE HONOR ROLL: January 25, 2017 Releases

Well, what a week! At least we have comics to keep some sanity in our lives. We have some great spoiler filled picks for you to check out, so let’s get to it!

DEPT. H #10 – James Kaplan

If you’re not reading Dept. H, you’re missing out. The story started off a little slow but has really found its voice in the second arc, which is actually a much more intimate look at each of the characters trapped in the undersea base. Issue 10 is a really compelling look at the character of Roger and his relationship to Mia and her father, whose murder Mia has been investigating. As always, Matt and Sharlene Kindt do amazing work with the art in this book. It’s haunting and sad and organic and always interesting. If you need a break from superheroes punching each other, I highly recommend Dept. H.

About Me: James is a lawyer by day, and an avid reader of comics whenever he can.  He loves his family, friends, and getting all of them into comics. He writes longer comics reviews at and is on Twitter @sinisterjhk. 

DEPT. H #10 – Tom Barnett

Dept H is a pure joy. Every issue feels so handcrafted. The story is a well paced slow burn and Matt Kindt’s art is fantastic. What really elevates this from Kindt’s other books is the incredible watercolors from Sharlene Kindt! Amazing work every issue. This panel really shows off the two of them working together at their best.


About Me: I’m Tom. Slightly addicted to comics, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. I also try to spend some time behind the lens of my camera. Love Bronze Age comics and the Black Hole movie from Disney. Follow me @tphoto10

DETECTIVE COMICS #949 – Kara Leavitt

Not only has it been wonderful to see Batwoman in a book again, but she’s had such an interesting story with her father as an adversary. This two part story shows Kate in her early days as Batwoman, where she’s still trying to figure out the kind of hero she wants to be and how she fits in. She’s had a lot of challenges in her life, but they’ve only made her stronger and a better hero. It was incredible to watch her best a man her father trained, who tells her she’s not good enough. Kate Kane is such an interesting character and I couldn’t be more excited for her solo series to start next month!

About Me: Kara is a pre-vet sophomore at Tufts University. She loves reading comics in her spare time and frequenting her local movie theater. Follow her @karalea16

BATGIRL #7 – Aaron Long

This moment made me smile. It made me smile ear to ear. Fantastic issue by Larson, Wildgoose and Lopes.

About Me: Aaron is the Editor-in-Chief of, the site you are currently reading….and should visit more often.


Yeah, so I’ve got two…cause I get to break the rules. I’ve loved this series so far, and moments like this show what a powerful tandem Stefano Caselli and Marte Gracia are.

About Me: Aaron is still the Editor-in-Chief of, the site you are still reading….and should visit more often.

ETHER #3 – Aaron Meyers

I am loving the wild story and art. Great series so far.


About Me: Aaron Meyers loves reading comics, collecting comics and talking about comics. He’s grateful to share his love of comics with all of his friends on the Internet. From Twitter at @aaronmeyers, to his new podcast, Comics Therapy with Andrea Shockling, it’s all about the love of comics. He also loves his family, especially his wife, Chrissy Meyers. And while you were taking the time to read this, Aaron went and bought all the best issues from your store’s dollar bin. You lose, Aaron wins. #AllTheComics


Thanks, as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week!


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