THE HONOR ROLL: January 28, 2015 Releases

A new week. A new year. A stack of comics so great you couldn’t be happier. So many great spoiler filled picks for you to enjoy! Let’s get to it.

RASPUTIN #4 – Tom Barnett

Riley Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia are doing some stunningly great artwork in Rasputin. I love the look they give to Rasputin’s powers.


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BATMAN ETERNAL #43 – Ken Goodberson III

Nice to get a reminder every now-and-again that Timothy Drake is a massive nerd.


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I, for one, have loved everything that Morrison has done during his recent stint at DC comics. From Batman to Final Crisis to Batman and Robin to The return of Bruce Wayne to Batman Inc to action Comics No. 9 ( New 52) and now Multiversity. I love how all of these stories combine to form an epic story. A hyper story. And with this one small seemingly throw away panel, Morrison links this comic to the Final Crisis. Brilliant stuff.

Remember the God Number.

No one’s solved it in less than 18 moves………..


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THOR #4 – Kulbir Mann

This is the issue where it all comes together for me. I was a little aggrieved at the loss of Esad but was pleased to see the stunning volume come to a close on a high. Aaron brings in a new chapter with a huge change, not only the character but the artists. The new Thor has a voice of her own and I very much enjoy hearing her internal monologue behind the usual monolithic Thor dialogue. But it is the art of Dauterman and colouring of Wilson that give this book its shine. The book sings out with a vibrancy and flash of colour befitting of lighter mood and more adventurous tone. I cannot wait to see where Thor goes.


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THE DYING AND THE DEAD #1 – Tommy Zimmer

This guy Jonathan Hickman wrote this comic book, drawn by Ryan Bodenheim called “The Dying and The Dead.” It’s got all the makings of a Ernest Becker Action Adventure yarn. I bet it’s going to be good. And thorough.  It’s my pick of the week. Excellent stuff.


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THOR #4 – Miles Espinoza

I have been dying to know who the new Thor is. This issue takes us a step closer to finding the secret identity of the new Thor. However, all of this is overshadowed by the battle of Thor vs. Thor!!!


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The Metanauts: Kawaii-Five O

You can’t go wrong with either of the twins, Gabriel Bá or Fábio Moon, when it comes to amazing, colorful and poignant artwork in today’s modern comics.  So I had to go with the backup story in the return (finally!) of Casanova Quinn.  That’s because it was written by my favorite novelist, Michael Chabon.  Chabon knows his music and Bá knows his tones.  Together, that gives us an all time great line, “…it smells like rock ‘n’ roll.”


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One of the best comics ever. Sad to see it end. Ended in perfection.


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Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week, stay tuned!