The Honor Roll: July 27, 2012

Welcome to The Honor Roll, the weekly roundup of some of the favourite books read by Comicosity EIC Aaron Long. Without further ado, here we go!

1) DEBRIS #1 by Kurtis J. Wiebe & Riley Rossmo: This is a great book. Part Dune, set in the garbage world of Wall-E, this comic is a lot of fun. I already made the Dune comparison, but this book really gave me that vibe, and I loved Dune. Wiebe’s scripting is getting stronger with every comic he writes and we, as readers, are reaping the rewards. This book has some great action, some great sci-fi adventure aspects and I very much look forward to where Wiebe is going to go with this series. Now, I knew Wiebe could write…Peter Panzerfaust has proved that…but Rossmo’s art really blew me away in this book. Much of Rossmo’s work that I’ve seen has been in horror (not my personal favourite) and therefore not really my bag, but Debris was fantastic. This is some amazing art, right here. Rossmo has greatly impressed me with this book and he’s creating a desolate yet vibrant world that I want to read more of….right now!

2) CAPTAIN AMERICA #14 by Ed Brubaker & Patrick Zircher: I have really enjoyed this arc. One of Brubaker’s last Captain America arcs is the strongest in a very long time and this storyline is everything Brubaker has done well: espionage, intrigue, and fantastic action. This story has a lot of heart and fantastic art from Patrick Zircher. Zircher is the first artist since Steve Epting to really match Brubaker’s tone for me and this comic is everything I want from Captain America. I’m sad to see this mini-run end, I would’ve liked to have seen this pair settle in for a good amount of time.

3) JUSTICE LEAGUE #11 by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee: I’ll be honest, I missed a couple issues, so I was a little in the dark to a couple points of the plot, but overall I really enjoyed this comic. This was some of the most solid writing and art from this series in a while and I like where it is heading. Jim Lee’s art is great in this comic, there is no disputing his status as a legend and Johns has a great voice for these iconic characters. I’ll definitely be picking up issue #12.

4) DARK AVENGERS #178 by Jeff Parker, Declan Shalvey & Kev Walker: I’m going to refer to this book as Thunderbolts, because that’s what it really is. Everything that was great about Thunderbolts lives and strives under this new mantle and Parker’s concurrent stories are moving closer and closer to smashing into each other. This book is filled with the greatest bunch of misfit villains in comics and each issue is a riot. Action, adventure, and a lot more heart than you’d expect. Add in great art and a trash talkin’ Man-Thing and you’ve got one of the first titles I read every single month.

5) GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH TPB by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver: Every once and awhile I pick this book up and take a spin through it to renew my love of Green Lantern comics. Nothing against the current stuff, but this trade was my gateway into the world of Green Lantern and still one of my favourites to this day. The art is fantastic, the story is a modern day classic and I look forward to the next time I stumble across this fantastic trade.


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