THE HONOR ROLL: November 21, 2018

The days grow dark and short in this part of the world but the comics stack high and keep us warm and bright. We have great spoiler-filled picks for you to check out, so let’s get to it.


Tynion IV, Sampere, Albarran, Lucas – DC Comics

Relatable characters are critical to enjoying a comic story.

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EAST OF WEST #40 James Kaplan

Hickman, Dragotta, Martin – Image Comics

This issue reminded me again why I love East of West so much. Hickman and team are equally adept at visceral action and quiet conversation. Dragotta and Martin keep getting better and better as an artistic team. I can feel things really moving to a head and it’s exciting to see everything start to come together. This is a fantastic, complex, gorgeous comic.


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Taylor, Redondo, Lokus – DC Comics

Tom Taylor does such a great job at dissecting Batman and Superman’s relationship, and this snippet is one of my favorites. 

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EAST OF WEST #40 Tom Barnett

Hickman, Dragotta, Martin – Image Comics

Every issue of East of West is a delight to read. This panel added the right amount of humor to the issue.


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SIDEWAYS #10 – Martin Gray

Rocafort, DiDio – DC Comics

In the week the cancellation of Sideways was announced, artist Kenneth Rocafort, writer Dan DiDio and friends delivered a series of emotional punches for our hero Derek. This was the first.


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Hill, Fernandez – Vertigo Comics

A writer of Bryan Hill’s caliber combined with an artist of Leandro Fernandez’s talent will always grab my attention. I don’t know about comparisons to Scalped, but this is the sort of crime comic book that I can really dig my teeth into.


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Bendis, Derington – DC Comics

Do yourself a favor and drive all around town, have a friend mail you a copy, whatever it takes, to pick up the Batman 100-Page Comic Giant #5! Bendis and Derington are KILLING it!


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Cates, Beyruth, Peter – Marvel Comics

I’m a sucker for symbiotes.


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Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week!