This Week in INFINITY: Week Five

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STK618721Review: AVENGERS #19 (Hickman, Deodato)

Hickman’s work on this issue is exceptional, and Leinil Francis Yu matches his quality admirably. Yu delivers on everything that could possibly be asked of him: emotion pouring out of characters, despair, epic battles, chaos, and some of the coldest foes ever seen in the Marvel Universe. Yu’s Builders are an eerie lot, powerful and lacking emotion to the point of appearing psychotic. Yu’s layouts keep the tension high and the story moving in this issue, providing interesting visuals to balance some of the more dialogue heavy pages. The flow of the issue is fantastic and Yu hits all the right beats to ensure maximum impact at several points of the issue. He still pencils a Skrull like nobody else can, and handles the massive cast very well. His work is simply superb, and fits the tone of this script and event brilliantly.

Avengers #19 does everything right. Individual characters are given the right moments, tension is built up even higher than before, and a huge cliffhanger provides the perfect finish to a brilliantly crafted issue. Hickman is on fire and his work with Yu is proving these two need to do something together after Infinity concludes.

– Aaron Long

mighty2Review: MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (Ewing, Land)

As many Avengers teams before them, they are thrown together out of necessity, which is part of the fun of this issue. Few circumstances other than the Infinity invasion could bring this crew together, and Ewing unfolds those events very naturally in the issue and doesn’t force anything to occur too quickly. This team feels like it has come together naturally and though they may not get along at times, it feels very organic rather than manufactured. Ewing’s voice for each of the characters is unique and very strong, and he nails the tone we’ve grown to love from Cage. This guy is willing to do the right thing the hard way, and his dialogue on the final page of the issue is pitch perfect.Mighty Avengers #1 looks to be a great return to the Marvel Universe for Cage, who has found a good home with Ewing.

Ewing’s Mighty Avengers #1 has a great tone and unique voice in the Avengers stable of books. It’s impact onInfinity isn’t felt in the first issue, but the framework for an entertaining series is set up in this first issue. Land’s art doesn’t exactly wow throughout the issue, but it is consistent and doesn’t let the book down by any means. The sharp lines and excellent colour work will make this title stand out and I recommend giving issue #1 a shot.

– Aaron Long

DIG008866_3Review: INFINITY HUNT #1 (Kindt, Sanders)

The clunky script is not helped in any way by Steven Sanders art. He is limited by the lack of action in this issue to really think outside the box, but his minimalist style and the lack of backgrounds leads to some very drab pages. There is very little that is visually intriguing in this issue and there isn’t a single student that leaps from the page and steals the show. This issue is as visually muted as the script and provides no energy to the words on the page. Sanders’ art may very well pick up when the action increases in the story, but for this particular issue the pacing and flow crawls without any of the artwork picking it up at any point.

Infinity Hunt is a fine concept that does not get out of the gate on the right foot. A tournament involving the top youth heroes (outside of Avengers Arena) has a ton of potential, it just needs a huge shot of energy in the arm to pick up the pace.

– Aaron Long

Hitting stores Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preview: INFINITY #3


Preview: NEW AVENGERS #10


Infinity Power Rankings

  1. AVENGERS #19 (10/10)
  2. CAPTAIN MARVEL #15 (10/10)
  3. AVENGERS #18 (9.5/10)
  4. NEW AVENGERS #9 (9.5/10)
  5. INFINITY #1 (9.0/10)
  6. THUNDERBOLTS #14 (9.0/10)
  7. INFINITY #2 (8.5/10)
  8. MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (8.0/10)
  9. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (8.0/10)
  10. INFINITY HUNT #1 (5.0/10)

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