This Week in INFINITY: Week Nine & Ten

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The reviews are in….

INFINITY2013004_DC11_LRINFINITY #4 (Hickman, Opena, Weaver)

Hickman’s partners in crime, Jerome Opena & Dustin Weaver, provide simply flawless work in Infinity #4. This issue is simply gorgeous, with both artists firing on all cylinders and bringing their best to the table. Weaver’s devastated Earth is a sobering wonder to behold, and his masterful work amidst the rubble showcases the consequences this event will have. Opena’s work in the space theatre of war matches Weaver’s panel for panel and his Thor is as strong and stoic as they come. His work will have you fired up and ready to take the galaxy back with your own two hands. These two artists do a fantastic job of complimenting Hickman’s script and taking it to the next level and their work in this issue is absolutely perfect for this event.

Infinity #4 is Hickman & co.’s strongest issue yet, and I don’t use those words lightly. Huge action, strong characterization and flawless art highlight one of the best event issues in years.

– Aaron Long

AVEN2012021-DC11-LR-bf79fAVENGERS #21 (Hickman, Yu)

Jonathan Hickman is not holding back as Infinity drives forward in its final act, throwing curve balls all over the place to keep readers on their toes and unable to predict what is going to happen next.

…This comic has me craving a full-on cosmic series from Hickman as his voices for the Supreme Intelligence and major political players in the cosmic sphere are fantastic: stoic leaders who cannot fathom the situation they are in, but are also intelligent enough to know exactly what they are facing.

Huge events, massive consequences, pitch perfect writing and solid art. Avengers #21 is a damn good comic in what has been a stellar event so far, and an absolute must-read for anyone keeping up with Infinity or the Avengers titles. Hickman is on fire and it doesn’t look like he’s going to cool off anytime soon.

– Aaron Long

NEWAVN2013011-DC11-LR-93f58NEW AVENGERS #11 (Hickman, Deodato)

Hickman’s script is strong, but Mike Deodato’s art makes it soar. His character work in this comic is fantastic, expressions telling an immense amount of story and showing strength without a word needing to be uttered. Thanos is ominous and towering, Proxima Midnight vicious and powerful, and the Illuminati contemplative in the midst of being overwhelmed. Deodato’s layouts provide excellent pacing throughout this issue, keeping slower moments interesting and letting the big action get its due as well. His art is extremely detailed, even during huge battle sequences, and the grand scope of the events of this issue is handled very well by his hand. New Avengers is a “big concept” book with massive events and Deodato brings massive art to the table to make Hickman’s words fly. His style also compliments the primary Infinity book well, so the locations and characters look and feel consistent across the event, which is appreciated. The art teams as a whole have brought their best to the primary Infinity books and Deodato’s work in this issue is just another stellar issue in what has been an impressive string.

New Avengers #11 is a fantastic read for anyone who has been enjoying the series to this point, and for anyone reading Infinity. Big forces are in play and Hickman does not shy away from shaking things up in this issue, adding new factors into the event and seeding some interesting stories for down the road. This is one of the best books Marvel is putting out and an excellent chapter in this event.

– Aaron Long


Sliney’s art is strong throughout the issue. Each character, both on the team and against the team, has a very distinctive look and it makes it easy to distinguish who is who and what is going on. Sliney’s work on this title from the beginning has led to a familiarity when seeing these characters drawn by his hand, and he is obviously more comfortable with them as he continues to work on Fearless Defenders. The colour work by Veronica Gandini is extremely strong in this comic, really evoking a sense of fun and providing a lot of punch to the visuals. The are leaps off the page with her colours and she does an excellent job working with Sliney’s style.

Fearless Defenders #10 is a strong comic and an interesting introduction to a new team member. Bunn & Sliney do a solid job of integrating the events of Infinity into their series but still maintain the spirit of Fearless Defenders. I wouldn’t say this is a critical read for Infinity-only readers, as the impact on the primary book is next to none, but it is an entertaining read nonetheless.

– Aaron Long

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Infinity Power Rankings

  1. INFINITY #4 (10/10)
  2. AVENGERS #19 (10/10)
  3. CAPTAIN MARVEL #15 (10/10)
  4. CAPTAIN MARVEL #16 (10/10)
  5. AVENGERS #18 (9.5/10)
  6. INFINITY #3 (9.5/10)
  7. NEW AVENGERS #9 (9.5/10)
  8. AVENGERS #21 (9.5/10)
  9. NEW AVENGERS #11 (9.5/10)
  10. INFINITY #1 (9.0/10)
  11. THUNDERBOLTS #14 (9.0/10)
  12. NEW AVENGERS #10 (9.0/10)
  13. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (9.0/10)
  14. INFINITY #2 (8.5/10)
  15. NOVA #8 (8.5/10)
  16. FEARLESS DEFENDERS #10 (8.5/10)
  17. MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (8.0/10)
  18. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (8.0/10)
  19. THUNDERBOLTS #16 (8.0/10)
  20. AVENGERS #20 (7.0/10)
  21. THUNDERBOLTS #15 (7.0/10)
  22. INFINITY HEIST #1 (7.0/10)
  23. MIGHTY AVENGERS #2 (6.5/10)
  24. INFINITY: THE HUNT #2 (6.0/10)
  25. INFINITY: THE HUNT #1 (5.0/10)

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