WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 115: The End Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Sequels! Unread comics! Unexpected choices in fundraising! More Kbbalistic mysticism than you can shake a possessed doll at! Ending the year by ending a volume – AND revealing a new project! GADZOOKS! LET’S GET PATROLLING!

  • Down on Derington Way – 11:26
  • Doom Clock – 14:25
  • Doomsplaining – 18:38 – We reach the end of volume 2 of the Doom Patrol, as we cover issues 86 and 87 by Rachel Pollack, Ted McKeever, John E Workman Jr, Axel Alonso and Lou Stathis!
  • Mailbag O Doom – 47:45 – We read your responses to the question, “Who is your favourite character with a walking stick?”


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