WE TALK COMICS Episode 144: Paul O’Connor For More Than 4 Seconds!

Four Seconds0045A

It’s a great day at We Talk Comics any time we get a chance to catch up with our friend Paul O’Connor aka The Longbox Graveyard, but when Paul has 4 Seconds, the first comic book he’s written in many years, to promote it becomes one of the best days ever!

Paul gives Chris, Keith, and Mo the amazing story of how he won the pitch contest at San Diego Comic Con held by Mark Waid and his Thrillbent crew, the inside details of the long creative process to get it right and the dilemmas Paul faced when he realized this means he actually has to write the darn thing. Plus how lucky Paul felt in getting veteran Karl Kesal as the artist. You also get to hear why 4 Seconds is free to read on the Thrillbent Website.

Paul is a great storyteller, as fans of his gone but not forgotten podcast on We Talk Podcasts know, but if this is the first time you’ve listened to Paul you’re in for a treat.

Plus there’s plenty of discussion from the group on favorite Spider-Man writers, is the Deadpool movie a game changer and what, if anything, does it mean for Batman/Superman Dawn of Justice, Paul’s daily reviews of recent MARVEL # 1’s on his website and goings on at DC.

So give this episode a download for a surefire round of awesome!


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