WE TALK COMICS Episode 157: Joe Eisma, The Morning After

Morning Glories Artist Joe Eisma.

Morning Glories Artist Joe Eisma.

In episode WTC 154: What’s The Story Morning Glories the guys broke down the first few trade paperbacks of the popular Image Comics series. What they didn’t expect was Morning Glories artist Supa Joe Eisma to not just hear about the show, but to actually listen to it!

Joe asked to come on the show and respond to the guys comments and of course We Talk Comics is happy to have him on.

We hope this isn't how Joe Eisma felt after listening to We Talk Comics Episode 154!

We hope this isn’t how Joe Eisma felt after listening to We Talk Comics Episode 154!

Joe explains some of his early challenges, working with Nick Spencer, the complicated plot of Morning Glories and some fun topics like his favourite bands and hanging out with our old pal Joe Mulvey.

This is a high energy, candid and Supa (Joe) fun episode so give it a listen and make sure to tell others about WTC… After you finish reading Season 2 of Morning Glories that wrapped up in issue #50.


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