WE TALK COMICS Episode 165: Maintain Your Jeep-Etto

We know, it's Geppetto not Jeep-Etto... Mind your business.

We know, it’s Geppetto not Jeep-Etto… Mind your business.

We Talk Comics with Chris, Keith, Mo & Brett is back and bringing the awesome, this time joined by their old buddy Nick Johnson!

Nick has a brand new anthology Graphic Novel he’s put together that’s now available on Comixology called Wishless, about what would have happened to Pinocchio if his wish to become a real boy had never happened.

Nick tells us all about all the talented people who worked on the book and how it came together.

Who wouldn't trust learning how to maintain a Jeep from this guy?

Who wouldn’t trust learning how to maintain a Jeep from this guy?

Plus Nick weighs in on this week’s topic with the guys, and it’s quite a bit different than the Pinocchio talk as PS Magazine, or The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is discussed. PS Magazine is the US Army’s technical bulletin and features and art from legendary comic figures like Mike Ploog, Joe Kubert and Will Eisner, whose studio produced the magazine for years. It’s the most interesting way to learn how to keep your Jeep in running condition you’re likely to find.

A full archive of Preventative Maintenance Monthly is available in pdf at PS Mag.


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