WE TALK COMICS Episode 169: Election Night

The Election we all wish we could have.

The Election we all wish we could have.

And you thought the horror comics from Halloween were scary…

The American Presidential Election is, blissfully, almost over after only 417 years of campaigning, and on behalf of everyone in the world outside of cable news stations and Saturday Night I just want to say… Thank Grodd.

With that in mind Brett, Chris and Mo talk some politics, but not typical politics (though admittedly they get in a shot at Trump or two) but politics in comic books like:

The difference between how Marvel and DC handle the political world.

How politics were presented in mainstream comics in the past compared to today.

The difference between a comic in a political setting and one making a political statement.

And to get the conversation started the guys read Captain America #250, Checkmate, Citizen Jack, and Prez from both 1973 and the recent incarnation.

It’s great fun and great laughs, as only We Talk Comics can do it, so listen on your way to voting for the Election!


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