WE TALK COMICS Special: Damian Willcox & Sam Hester on YYC Comics

2 of YYC's finest, Damian Willcox and Sam Hester.

Two of YYC’s finest, Damian Willcox and Sam Hester.

In support of the Panel One Kickstarter for an independent comic show We Talk Comics donated the chance to have some air time, and the wonderfully talented sequential artist and graphic recorder Sam Hester took us up on it to talk what’s going on in the YYC.

Sam’s guest on the episode is Damian Wllcox of Dorkboy Comics. He and Sam join regular WTC hosts Mo, Keith, Chris and Brett to discuss Sam’s work at her website the The Drawing Book and what graphic recording is!

Then Damian tells us about guerilla marketing and distribution of his comics over the years, horror stories of publication, working with Shannon Wheeler, the Too Much Coffee Man opera.

And everyone on the show weighs in on Calgary’s burgeoning comic scene compared to other cities and the role of comics in academia.

This is a fun and fascinating discussion and a real treat for us as we learned so much so give it a listen and thanks to everyone for all the support for us and those people following their dreams of making comic books, the best form of storytelling in the world!


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