8 Reasons You Need to Read ALL-NEW WOLVERINE

There’s a new Wolverine on the block…well, she’s been around awhile now and the truth of the matter is this: she’s one of the best damn characters in all of comics. I’m not throwing that statement down lightly, this series has earned that kind of praise. Tom Taylor’s work with David Lopez, Marcio Takara, Ig Guara, Nik Virella and many more has been stellar with each issue and we at Comicosity figured we’d give you a few reasons why you need to be reading All-New Wolverine.


1) She. Is. Wolverine.


She’s not a poser. She’s Wolverine. Laura has her own swagger and, while she might be trying to honor Logan by taking the name and costume, she’s actually adding another branch to the Wolverine tree. – Doug Zawisza

2) Marvel Team-Up is BACK!


Art by David Lopez

This is a covert-ops team-up book. I don’t mean that the book features covert team-ups (although it does do that, too!), but I mean it brings in other characters from across the Marvel Universe without being pretentious about it. Doctor Strange, Wasp, Spider-Gwen, and more have appeared in the pages, and, rather than slug it out (although sometimes they do) they recognize Laura’s spirit and join her in her cause. – Doug Zawisza

For years Wolverine has been right smack in the middle of the Marvel Universe, and that hasn’t completely changed with Laura Kinney wearing the costume. While she doesn’t show up in every book, and isn’t on every team, All New Wolverine has had a host of awesome guest stars like Doctor Strange, Wasp, Old Man Logan, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Gwen. The best guest star though? That would be Squirrel Girl, who shows up with a Wolverine thinking Wolverine can talk to wolverines. That leads to an adventure to save a missing squirrel. It is every bit as great as it sounds. – John Ernenputsch

3) Marvel’s Own #CloneClub


Art by Bengal

The hashtag is used by fans of the TV show Orphan Black, but is also perfect for the first story arc of All New Wolverine. Wolverine discovers that she has been cloned and now has sisters with different personalities that she must figure out how to help. Fans of comic books, and Orphan Black really need to give the first arc a chance. – John Ernenputsch



Art by Ig Guara

One of Wolverine’s afformentioned clones is named Gabby, and Gabby has quickly turned into one of the most beloved supporting characters in comics. Laura has taken Gabby under her wing, and is in almost every single issue. She says it like it is, is sweet (usually), and is very loving and overprotective of her family. Oftentimes she is right in the middle of any given issue’s most memorable moments. – John Ernenputsch


Art by Nik Virella

Gabby is one of the greatest additions to the Marvel Universe in recent years. She is a brilliant foil for Laura and continues the tradition of the loner Wolverine having someone under their wing that they have to take care of and try to bring up in some way resembling “normal” that is in no way “normal”. – Aaron Long

Art by David Lopez

Art by David Lopez

For me, Laura and Gabby’s relationship is the emotional center of the book. While Marvel has several more distant sibling relationships like Aurora and Northstar or Loki and Thor, there are few portrayals of siblings where the bond is genuinely affectionate and both people are equally invested. Unlike mentor relationships like Logan and Jubilee, Laura isn’t so much committed to training Gabby as she is being the stable and fun presence in Gabby’s life. It’s a character dynamic we don’t see enough of, and it makes All-New Wolverine one of my favorite comics. -Draven Katayama 



Art by David Lopez

While this comic has some of everything, with humour and now family drama and guest stars (oh my!), it is undeniably a Wolverine comic filled with claws and action. Laura often has to punch her way out of situations and that’s just always a good thing. I get the same twitch of excitement I always have when Wolverine is on a panel and there’s a “SNIKT” slicing across the artwork. – Aaron Long

6) Jonathan, the Wolverine.


Art by Ig Guara

Jonathan is a wolverine. He’s not a Wolverine, but an actual wolverine. He has quickly become a member of the family. Just like Gabby, he was rescued from a lab, but unlike Gabby he was rescued by Squirrel Girl. Gabby and Jonathan bonded instantly, and are now inseparable. There have even been a few times that people have paid for messing with the wolverine. Also, how can you not love a wolverine named Jonathan?  – John Ernenputsch

7) Surviving, with a little help from her friends.


Art by Marcio Takara

Laura was raised in a horrifying environment: experimented on, robbed of personhood and freedom, and a slew of traumatic experiences culminating in the death of her mom. She went on to live as a runaway, suffered misogynistic abuse, and dealt with self-injury without receiving mental health care. In the current series, Laura not only has a lot more stability and hope, but she has friends who are helping her recover from a lifetime of trauma. Her romantic relationship with Warren is endearing and healthy, and her friendships with Squirrel Girl, Maria Hill, and others give her manageable doses of adventure and social support. Laura shows us that while it’s hard to not self-isolate, it’s worth it when you find friends who really care. -Draven Katayama

8) The best there is at what she does….


Art by Bengal

If I were to make a list of the best comics with a solo female lead All New Wolverine would be near the top of the list. I would put it right up there against comics like Thor, Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. In fact, I’ve been on record as saying that All New Wolverine has been the BEST female led solo series at times. This comic has it all. When you read this comic you can expect a solid creative team, a great lead character, one of the best supporting characters in Gabby, fun guest stars and a story that will either knock your socks of emotionally or be loads of fun. There aren’t many comics, period, as good as All New Wolverine. – John Ernenputsch


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