Advance Review: FANTASY SPORTS


Written by Sam Bosma
Art by Sam Bosma
Published by Nowbrow
Release Date: June 2015

Sam Bosma delivers a fun romp with larger than life characters, great action and some good laughs with the upcoming Fantasy Sports from Nobrow.

Fantasy Sports tells the tale of a tomb raider bruiser and his smart-as-a-whip apprentice as they go on a treasure hunt that takes them a bit over their head. The two characters are tons of fun and their relationship, explosive as it is, is very entertaining. This isn’t a typical mentorship, and whenever these two are on the page together, sparks fly. These characters are at their best when together and Bosma knows it, utilizing their chemistry well. Their foe is hilarious and the issue really takes off when he arrives on the scene. He is a great foil for these two explosive heroes and the banter between the three characters is fantastic.

The tone of this OGN is reminiscent of Bone, with the same free spirited adventure and fun about it. This will appeal to the same age group of readers and the female heroine, Wiz-Kid, is a great example of a well rounded, courageous and smart young girl. She is a great character and Sam Bosma has crafted a winner with this fun young girl.

His art style is all the best parts of indie work, filled with spunk, crazy style and wild colour work. His choices are bold and his characters are expressive, and this OGN is full of some top-notch artwork that is pitch perfect for the story he is telling. His cartoon-ish style is perfect for the age group this is being aimed at and there is a lot of charm in these visuals.

Fantasy Sports is a riot. Sam Bosma is a skilled storyteller who has a fun tale to tell featuring larger than life characters in wild situations. I definitely recommend you check this OGN out when it drops in June, and I’ll definitely be revisiting it and checking out whatever Sam Bosma crafts next.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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