Advance Review: FIGMENT 2 #1


Written by Jim Zub
Art by Ramon Bachs
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 2, 2015

The magic is back as Figment and Dreamfinder move to a new time, and new adventure!

When I say the magic is back, I mean it. This is a light, magical comic that is easy to enjoy. Figment and Dreamfinder are likable, personable characters that are the embodiment of the spark of imagination. Zub has given these two life and his take on these characters garnered a second volume of Figment. This series and this issue, like the other Disney Kingdoms titles, hit a sweet spot often ignored by comics. Figment hits that fantastical spot where imagination can become reality, and there is truly no limit to what can be explored on this page. Figment is filled with the same wonder, imagination and joy that Gaiman’s work for children is, and I mean that as a high compliment.

Figment himself dances like a personable version of Lockheed throughout this issue, and Ramon Bachs infuses the character with a lot of life. This issue looks great and the spirit of the first volume is here on every page. Bachs’ take on these characters is great, and he captures the whimsy and fun of the issue. What I found great about Bachs’ art in this issue was how accessible it is. The layouts and flow of the issue are great, and Figment 2 #1 is accessible to all ages to to this approach. Zub and Bachs have taken the accessibility of this issue seriously and both have delivered work that all manners of reader can enjoy.

Figment 2 #1 is a fun, magical comic with that truly captures the spirit of imagination. These characters are in an interesting situation and Zub and Bachs continue to foster their great personalities. This is a fun read for all ages and it is worth your attention on Wednesday.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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